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What is the Radius Line Spooler and how does it prevent line twist?

by Nichole Delio 19 Jan 2022

KastKing Radius Line Spooler defined

kastking line spooler

The KastKing Radius Line Spooler is a small compact tool you can use to spool both casting reels and spinning reels. It mounts directly to your fishing rod so you don’t have to remove the reel and the mounting holes are lined with rubber to prevent damage to your rod finish, and you can spool a spinning reel without getting any twist in your fishing line.

How does the Radius prevent line twist?

line spooling tools

With most line spooling tools on the market fishing line gets twisted when you add line to a new spinning reel. This is because fishing line, especially monofilament and fluorocarbon, has a memory and this can cause a problem if the fishing line is not uncoiled from the filler spool and coiled onto the reel spool in the same direction. If it is not coiled onto the reel spool in the same direction, you will notice the fishing line will not lay down on the spinning reel spool. As soon as you open the bail on your spinning reel the fishing line wants to jump off the spool and it gets twisted and tangled. 

The Radius line spooler places the spool in the correct position for the line to uncoil from the filler spool and coil directly onto the spinning reel spool. This way the natural memory of the line from filler spool is not changed and it will lay flat on the spinning reel spool.

For a casting reel the filler spool is positioned parallel to the to the spool on your casting reel. The line comes off the top of the filler spool and onto the top of your casting reel spool. This the same concept as the spinning reel. Since the fishing line is coiled onto the casting reel spool using the same memory as the filler spool, it will lay down on your casting reel without twisting or tangling.

How do I get the right tension on the fishing line?

KastKing Line Boss

It is also very important to apply the correct amount of tension as you spool up your reels. This will ensure the line is tight on the reel spool which helps improve casting smoothness and reduces tangles. Two KastKing Line Boss’s are included with the Radius line spooler.  These are adjustable elastic bands which allow you to stretch them to increase spooling tension or loosen them to reduce spooling tension.  The Line Boss can adjust to fit any spool diameter which makes it easy for you to add the perfect amount of line tension needed for your reel.

The Radius Line spooler has helped make fishing more fun.  I have used it before a tournament to set up my reels before fishing.  It gives me the confidence knowing that my gear will be set up properly and taken care of.  I love how easy it makes things and now I am able to go out for a day of fishing and have fun without the hassle of spooling up my reels.  

Nichole Delio is a US Military Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer. She is an avid angler who writes about bass fishing. She was the only woman angler to ever compete in the Big Bass World Championship bass fishing tournament. You can find Nikki on social media at bassfinatic432.

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