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KastKing Zephyr BFS - Bait Finesse System Baitcaster Explained

by Jimmy Ly 14 Feb 2021

This KastKing Blog is from the script of a video KastKing Zephyr BFS Compared To KastKing Baitcasting Reels – What’s The Difference? on the KastKing YouTube Channel by Jimmy Ly.

In the KastKing fishing reel comparison video, KastKing Zephyr BFS Compared To KastKing Baitcasting Reels – What’s The Difference?, Jimmy says, I’ll be comparing the KastKing Zephyr BFS reel to other KastKing baitcasting reels.

KastKing BFS Reel - KastKing Zephyr

“So, KastKing Zephyr BFS reels. What does  BFS stands for? It stands for bait finesse system or it simply just means ultralight baitcaster. This style reel and fishing was originated in Japan for casting light lures at short distances with extreme efficiency and precision.

“Have you ever thrown a light lure on a typical baitcasting reel? What happens? I know what happens. If you were to cast a super light lure say with this big Speed Demon Pro, what could happen is, if you’re doing an overhand cast likely it’s going to fall right in front of your face.  Or, if you’re doing a side cast it’s going to go whoop that way if you’re using a right hand and doing a side arm cast. And the reason why is because your lure is way too light for that reel to dispense line out.

“So, what is the main difference between this Zephyr BFS reel versus the rest of the KastKing lineup? Well, although I want to talk about how shallow the spool – the obvious thing I already touched based on spool weight, so why don’t we start on that topic first.

“Let me take this spool out for you for a second. All right check this out, first and foremost, you can see that is a short shaft spool, and that should help you cast farther and because we will be casting with no tension you technically don’t need the extra long shaft with the extra bearing, etc., etc.. So, it’s perfect to have a short shaft spool. Take note. Look at those drill slots back there as well, including the bearing, the spool bearing, this thing weighs 8.9 grams. Look at that. That is extremely light. So, in order to cast light lures, you got to have a very light spool, and this spool here is super light.

“As I mentioned earlier, they removed a lot of the materials off the spool. You see how thin it is. Why don’t we compare to the Royale Legend Elite. We have this spool here. So let’s take it out all right, so we have this bowl here before I even… wait you can see that there are not many drilled slots. Okay, it’s pretty thick all right, so let’s weigh it. There check that out. That thing is almost twice as this guy right here. The Zephyr spool is super duper light all right guys down to the shallow spool.

“Why so shallow? The question shall be answered today. There are two reason why you got to have a shallow spool for BFS fishing or ultralight baitcasters. First and foremost, okay for ultralight lures. You do not need a lot of line capacity like this guy right here or let’s, say my Speed Demon.

“Okay, this guy is deep. Okay and even though it’s deep, this reel is actually very impressive too, because it has short, shaft spool, and you see all these holes right there to reduce the weight. In fact, why not just weigh this guy just for the hell of it? Look at that -- 15 grams.

“Having a shallow spool will reduce the total amount of weight on your spool. In fact, I use four pound test line. Four pound FluoroKote, and I only spool up just one fifth to one quarter of the spool and that’s all you need.That is all you really need. The next one is really important, because I have people asking this question before if too much line will add too much weight. Well, why don’t you just put a little bit of line on your baitcaster and give it a go, Well yeah. You could definitely do that, and a lot of people have done it before too. That’s why you will notice that when you have less line on your baitcaster, you cast lighter lures, just a little easier, but you won’t get that distance and the reason why you won’t get the distance is because let’s take a look at the two right there. Okay, if this were to rotate one full rotation, which one will dispense more line? Having a shallow spool gives you a bigger circumference which allows it to dispense more line as it rotates, so it doesn’t impede in the lowest trajectory believe it or not.

“This Zephyr spools have plenty of room to put as much line as you need. This thing is rated for 75 yards for four pound test line mono, but, as I mentioned earlier, I only maybe fill a quarter, maybe even a fifth of the spool you don’t need that much.

“You know, maybe you put (brakes) in four and a half, maybe at four and it’s cast softly, and once you get the hang of it, you guys can reduce the amount of brakes. I typically have my three for soft cast and if I want super long distances – and I want to cast super hard – I probably have around three and a half, but every lure is different.

“Make sure you test out every single lure, figure out the feel for your casting style, and your favorite lures again start with 80 and slowly reduce your brakes. This niche fishing style was created in Japan to cast light lures at short distances with extreme precision, accuracy and efficiency.

“In the past few years, the growth for BFS fishing has grown tremendously and therefore many reel companies are creating more of these styles of reel so that they can cast lighter lures, more accurate and farther distances.

“You’ll, find that the KastKing Zephyr BFS reel will perform exceptionally well at a very affordable price.”

See the KastKing Zephyr BFS video here:


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