How To Put A New Line On A Fishing Reel - Beginners Guide

Jen Karl |

How To Put A New Line On A Fishing Reel - Beginners Guide

Jen Karl |

Putting a new line on a fishing reel can be difficult, especially if you are new to the fishing world. They can break, twist, and get wrapped around in every way. Here I have put together a helpful how-to to get you started. All of the products I will describe will be from one of my favorite companies when I need fishing gear. Kastking.

There are three main groupsof fishing styles: Spincasting, baitcasting, and spinning. Using the Kastking fishing pole, we will get started with what most beginners start with: spin-casting.

Spincasting: Using a ten pound Cold Polymer 

(Follow the same general practice as spooling a spinning reel to keep tension during spooling.)

First off, what is a spincast reel? Spincast reels are often called closed-faced reels or the push button. They are perfect for beginners. The Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel features a stainless steel dual pickup system that grabs slackline right away so you can quickly make another cast. Here are some steps so you can put a new line on fast and easy, 

Take off the closed face cover.

To get the old line out, push the release button and start pulling the line until it doesn't let you pull anymore.

Remove the nose cone by turning it clockwise, about an eighth of a turn.

Get your new line ready; I suggest using the Kastkings Copolymer Maximum Performance line. Run the line through the first guide into the nose cone hole on top.

Tie an overhand knot and make a big loop. The loop will slide over the top of the spool; after it is securely on, pull it to make it nice and tight.

Now you are ready to put our nose cone back on. Slide the nose cone back forth and turn it to the left until it is locked.

Spooling the line. Before you start spooling the line, you will want to pinch the line tight to keep it straight and create tension.

Keep winding until about ⅛ inch of the lip. You can carefully take the cover off to double check.

Fix any twisting it has created, and you are good to go!

Baitcasting: (Using the Perigee Model & KastKing Fishing Rod)

Fishing line

What is Baitcasting? Baitcasting uses a fishing reel that comes with a rotating spool attached to the top of the fishing rod. This article will tell you how to put on the fishing line using Kastpro Braided Fishing Line.

Pass the fishing line through all of the rod guides and then through the level wind guide.

Wrap the line around the spool and tie two or three overhand knots around the line. Make sure you make it nice and tight to the spool. Tip- Braided fishing line does tend to be a little slippery, so I like to use a small piece of electrical tape and place it over the knot. 

Start winding and spool it on your line—about one 8th of an inch from the top. Too much or too little can cause a backlash.

Cut your line at the filler spool, and you are ready to fish!

Spinning Reel: Using Kastking Monofilament superior fishing Line.

Put a new line on a spinning fishing reel

Ensure the spool can unspool counterclockwise and run the line through the guides.

A part that many people forget is to open the bail by flipping the small handle up. The bail is a wire handle.

String the line through the guides.

Hold the line tightly with your fingers and carefully crank the wheel. Cranking the reel very slowly, look for tangles and twists.

Fill the spool 0.3 centimeters from the rim to secure.

You are now ready to fish!

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