KastKing WideEye Walleye rods are for those who love walleye fishing and are dedicated to the sport, and want the perfect walleye fishing rod. KastKing knows walleye fishing and knows exactly what walleye anglers need in sensitivity and strength while keeping the rods very light and the costs down. You will be convinced these are the best walleye rod made.

KastKing’s new shark fin vented, braid fishing line ready aluminum pool allows you to eliminate backing line, and spool up entirely with braid line providing more line capacity for the fishing battle with the big one. The 10 double-shielded superior quality stainless steel shielded ball bearings in every Sharky III provide buttery smooth performance for effortless fishing.

KastKing Kovert fluorocarbon fishing line is virtually invisible under water and is exceptionally well suited for highly pressured areas or when fishing in ultra-clear water. It has a light refraction index similar to water which makes it virtually invisible under the surface. Kovert 100% fluorocarbon fishing line can increase your fishing success when targeting fish that have become leader/line shy. When using low-viz Kovert line, fish will focus on the bait and not your clear fishing line.



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