Does KastKing Make A 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Al Noraker |

Does KastKing Make A 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Al Noraker |

100% Fluorocarbon Line Is Virtually Invisible Under Water

kastking kovert fluorocarbon fishing line.

True 100% Fluorocarbon lines become virtually invisible under water because the light refraction index of fluorocarbon is almost identical to water itself. Invisible line can be an important factor in catching fish, especially when targeting line shy fish, or fishing in highly pressured or extremely clear water.

True Fluorocarbon Line Sinks Faster than Monofilament Or Braid

100% Fluorocarbon Kovert fishing line is 80% heavier than water so it sinks much faster that monofilament line. This can be a big advantage with fishing with subsurface baits that require close contact with structure. Fluorocarbon lines should not be used with top water or floating baits because it will drag them under the surface of the water.

Kovert Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Is Highly Sensitive

Kovert fishing line is highly sensitive and shock resistant. Because of the sensitivity, 100% Fluoro fishing line enhances early strike detection and provides quick hook setting power. Kovert is highly effective as a main line, but also functions exceptionally well as leader when it is paired with zero stretch braided lines because of their higher sensitivity.

 A common misconception is that fluorocarbon lines don’t stretch. That is not true. Fluorocarbon fishing lines offer a controlled stretch and require more force to make them start stretching than mono line but will stretch when that force is created.

See this fluoro fishing line comparison test:

  A Big Benefit Of Fluorocarbon Line Is That It Is Waterproof

 Monofilament fishing lines and most braided, super lines absorb water, so their casting and fishing characteristics change over time as they are used. Fluorocarbon lines are virtually waterproof and do not absorb water, so they feel and cast the same from the first cast of the day to the last.

 Fluorocarbon Lines Allow Anglers To Use Thicker Diameter Lines And Still Not Be Visible

Because 100% Fluorocarbon Kovert Fishing Line is virtually invisible under water, the anglers is able to use a thicker diameter and stronger line that when using monofilament lines and still maintain a stealthy presentation. The stronger line will result in better abrasion resistance and strength without spooking fish.

KastKing Kovert fluorocarbon line is manufactured in Germany.


 By Al Noraker


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