If KastKing Is Direct To Consumer, Why Are Certain Other Retail Sellers Selling KastKing Fishing Tackle?

Tom Gahan |

If KastKing Is Direct To Consumer, Why Are Certain Other Retail Sellers Selling KastKing Fishing Tackle?

Tom Gahan |

Why others sell KastKing is complicated.

Why other retail sellers sell KastKing fishing tackle has a complex answer so, please stay with us through the article. The first ugly truth is there are some unscrupulous people saying they are KastKing dealers when that isn’t the case at all. They are only resellers who buy KastKing products on sale and mark them up to the retail price. They usually create problems for buyers when it’s time to return something or there’s a warranty issue.  No one is authorized to use the KastKing name for any commercial purpose.  KastKing is a trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

We’ve seen some vendors with KastKing fishing reels at fishing flea market events. Again, they aren’t authorized dealers and create the same predicaments as the unauthorized on line sellers.

Other people acting as sellers are even less honest. They create a website, usually based in some remote country, and offer what appears to be fantastic deals to fishing consumers on KastKing products. The prices often seem too good to pass up. The problem is – they don’t exist and are scammers. They show photos of KastKing products on their websites and take people’s money, but don’t ship the products. This is not only a problem for KastKing, but many other online retailers including well-known brands that are victims of this same scam. It’s often hard to track down the bogus seller. When possible, the FBI cybercrimes unit gets involved.

The best practice is to order from www.kastking.com or amazon.com/kastking. That way you have assurance for returns or warranty claims. There’s also eBay, but check the seller’s history and be sure it’s coming from KastKing. There are imposters lurking there, too. There are other sellers of KastKing products that are for real, such as AliExpress for global sales and Tmall for sales in Asia.

KastKing at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores

There are however other legit third party sellers of KastKing products. Cabela’s – Bass Pro Shops sells KastKing rod racks, but not in all of their stores. As of 2020 KastKing fishing tackle is sold by Tackle Warehouse and in 2021 by Academy Sports + Outdoors at many of their 290 stores with a select assortment of KastKing products, although, they do sell most KastKing products through their website. These are trustworthy retailers of KastKing products that offer buyers other options, such as paying by cash. As more authorized dealers are added, we will update this article.

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