Why Are KastKing Products Inexpensive?

Tom Gahan |

Why Are KastKing Products Inexpensive?

Tom Gahan |

You can call them cheap fishing rods and cheap fishing reels if you want, but there’s a lot more to the story.

Why are KastKing products inexpensive is an often asked question. Some may refer them as cheap fishing reels or cheap fishing rods, but that’s not the case. KastKing offers great value in all of their fishing tackle products. That’s to say, the most and best features at the lowest price. Here’s how KastKing offers the lowest price with top quality.

MLF pro Cliff Crochet with KastKing Spirale fishing rod and KastKing Bassinator fishing reel

KastKing uses the same quality control and product testing as all of the other major fishing tackle  manufacturers, and sometimes more so. For fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line, fishing tools and everything else, KastKing uses the best materials possible that fit within a price bracket, so they are not cheap in and of themselves. And to show that lacking top quality with KastKing is not an issue, KastKing rods, KastKing reels, and KastKing fishing lines are used by fishing tournament pros and professional fishing guides across America.  Is KastKing inexpensive compared to other top brands? Almost always, yes. Here’s why…

KastKing keeps cost down in several ways and passes the saving on to the consumer. The biggest saving is that KastKing does not use distributors for fishing tackle products. Most manufacturers of consumer good sell their products to a warehouse distributor that typically adds 20% to the cost. KastKing is direct to consumers. Further cost to consumer savings that KastKing passes along are eliminating export/ import agents and freight forwarders that charge fees.

Another area of tremendous cost saving is not using traditional advertising such as magazine ads. Those can cost thousands of dollars depending on the size of the ad and how often it is printed. All of those advertising costs are built into the selling price by other fishing tackle brands. There are no big corporate executive salaries or perks or salesmen’s commissions that are passed on to consumers in the product’s price by other brands. The company uses JIT (just in time) supply line tactics to keep a steady flow of inventory coming in, keeping inventory levels at an optimum, and operating costs down.

KastKing does not have retail or big box stores that have the costs of real estate, rent, heat and air conditioning, electric bills and a lot of employees to run those retail stores.  As KastKing sometimes says, we put a fishing tackle shop in your mailbox.

KastKing Zephyr BFS 1000 spinning reel

In 2015 In a competition voted on by members of the fishing industry media and corporate buyers at ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportsfishing Trades) the KastKing brand won a coveted ICAST Best of Show Award for its innovative products. That’s an award given by the fishing industry media for ingenuity, not the lowest price. So, once again, it addresses the value of KastKing presenting worthy products at an affordable price.  We hope this answers your question about why are KastKing products inexpensive.


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