KastKing On Cast & Spear Podcasts

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KastKing On Cast & Spear Podcasts

Tom Gahan |

kastking on cast & spear

The Cast & Spear Podcast: Daily Fishing and Spearfishing Tips covers a wide range of topics including surf fishing, inshore /offshore fishing, kayak fishing, spearfishing, fish prep, and more.  https://castandspear.com/podcast

For KastKing fans there are five interesting episodes about the brand, the products and the company as told by KastKing VP of Business Development, Al Noraker.

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Al Noraker, KastKing VP of Product Development 


Episodes run from eight to 18 minutes . Here are the topics for the five KastKing episodes.

E163: Why Most Fillet Knives Suck / Steel / What To Consider 

E162: Why SPEED Is Important/Gear Ratios / Spinning vs Casting 

E161: The HOTTEST Fishing Technique / Finesse Fishing / Gear 

E160: Designing New Fishing Products/Problems / Techniques 

E159: Behind The Brand - KastKing 

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About Cast & Spear

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Jon Stenstrom created Cast & Spear because he believes everyone deserves to catch fish. “We exist to make this a reality for current and future generations,” says Jon


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