Do You Market Your Products To Women And Children?

Shane Coovert |

Do You Market Your Products To Women And Children?

Shane Coovert |

Does KastKing market products to women and children is a question you might be asking yourself. Marketing to men is difficult. Marketing to women is difficult. Marketing to children is difficult. There is no short answer to this question and here is why.

In the fishing world it is safe to say that it is a male driven sport. Many of the popular figures are of male influence and there are a few so called LEGENDS that still exist many areas of fishing. Yes, there are females and many youth influencers in the sport and social media has changed the way brands market to people.

Kids fishing with KastKing spincast reel on a pond dock for bluegills

Social media is here to stay. Social media has also made it possible to share a wealth of information at very fast internet speeds to consumers around the world. Did you know that KastKing is a global company? All of this can be done in a powerful palm sized cell phone at almost instant speeds. Keeping this in mind, KastKing has developed their marketing towards anyone and everyone.

We have teamed up with anglers that are professionals and we have relied on information and media shared from all types of anglers: beginner anglers, guides, weekend warriors, fishing camps! We really want people in general to know how awesome KastKing the brand is and that is what we aim to market.

It’s simple really. We love to hear from our fans, see their awesome fish catches or new fishing gear they have received, or even a simple comment about the colors of our products from anyone and everyone. We do this because it is what helps continue growing the sport of fishing for everyone.  We always welcome a question and thoughtful conversation via social media and try our best to maintain a consistent marketing effort to everyone in general. 

By Shane Coovert 


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