Intelligent Frequency Control (IFC) Braking System
The MCU Chip evaluates casting variables such as spool speed, inertia, and line tension to optimize performance in real-time, mitigating backlash and ensuring smooth and accurate casts regardless of wind speed or lure weight.
Auto-adjustment Magnetic (AMB) Braking System
The AMB system automatically adjusts the brakes depending on the speed of the spool. With the KastKing AMB system, you can cast farther without worry about backlashes.
AutoMag Dual (AMD) Braking System
The AMD Braking System provides uniform braking force during the entire cast. When the spool reaches peak speed an auto-adjusting centrifugal brake's brakingbars are thrown out, reducing the speed of the spool and avoiding backlash.
Flyout Arc Finesse (FAF) Braking System
Designed specifically for finesse fishing. Two half-ring magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool, preventing backlashes. As the spool's speed decreases, the magnets retract to maximize casting distance.
Halo XII Magnetic Braking System
With 12 integrated magnets within a one-piece, this seamless ring braking system ensures smoother and longer casts. This design also offers enhanced stability and effectiveness in preventing backlashes.
Auto-adjustable Crossfire Magnetic Braking System
As the spool speed increases, the magnetic field slows it down when braking is needed to prevent overruns. When the spool slows, the magnetic field decreases, retracting the magnets to maximize casting distance.
Micro-adjustable Exterior Centrifugal Braking System
The Auto-adjustable Crossfire Braking System (up to 12 magnetic button) provides incredible braking control. As the spool speed increases, the magnetic field slows it down when braking is needed to prevent overruns. When the spool slows, the magnetic field decreases, retracting the magnets to maximize casting distance.
Axis Eye Line Guide
Featuring a distinctive shape and an ultra-smooth silicon nitride coating, the Axis Eye Line Guide allows fishing lines to glide effortlessly, offering up to 6 times the width compared to standard spools, with minimal resistance.
Low Friction Tapered Vortex (LFTV) Line Guide
Greatly reduce fishing line friction through Low Friction Taped Vortex design, allowing for super long casts and helping to reduce backlashes. Anglers can achieve smoother and more accurate casting, enhancing their overall fishing performance and enjoyment.
Double Tapered Control Chute (DTCC) Line Guide
Double Tapered Control Chute (DTCC) Line Guide minimizes friction with its patented design, enabling smoother, longer casts. This advanced technology ensures minimal line resistance, allowing anglers to achieve optimal casting distances with ease and precision.
Electroplating Technology
Electroplating Technology ensures corrosion resistance, smooth operation, and improved casting performance, boasting a sleek and stylish electroplated finish that's as attractive as it is durable.
Magnesium Alloy Frame
Lightweight yet durable, Magnesium Alloy Frame resists corrosion in harsh environments, ensuring longevity and peak performance. Its sleek design adds sophistication, while its stability guarantees smooth operation and precise casting.
Palm Perfect Design
Our reels are meticulously engineered to be as compact as 36.6mm, ensuring anglers experience unparalleled comfort and control with every cast.
Swing-wing Side Cover
The side cover could be swing opened and remain attached to the frame, offering anglers a more convenient operating experienceThis innovative design eliminates the hassle of removing and potentially misplacing the side cover during use.
Ergo-twist Opening
This ergonomic innovation simplifies opening the reel, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive experience on the water. Designed with user comfort in mind, the twist-opening mechanism allows for effortless operation, making it easy to access essential features while fishing.
Aerodynamic Reel Rotor
It optimizes airflow and weight distribution, reducing rotational resistance for enhanced casting performance and smoother retrieving.
Seamless Uni-frame Construction
Perfectly aligns gears and internal components. It ensures perfect alignment for optimal performance and durability.
KastKing Intrusion Shield IPX6 Waterproof System (K.I.S.S.)
KastKing's top-tier 100% Waterproof design features up to 15 EverSeal rubber rings to prevent water ingress into the main gear. The Intrusion Shield System, with labyrinth-style greased sealing grooves, reduces rotational resistance and ensures a tight water seal.
Double Sliding Stabilizer Rods (D.S.S.R)
The D.S.S.R system keeps main shaft perfectly aligned for smooth performance, and stabilize the pinion gear and main gear. By integrating this innovative system, the reel operates with minimal vibration and wobble, resulting in smoother retrieves and extended gear lifespan.
Sliding Stabilizer Rod (S.S.R)
The main shaft of the reel is supported and kept in balance with our S.S.R system providing strength and stability. This innovative system enhances the overall performance of the reel by minimizing wobble and vibration during operation.
Precision Digi-cut Gear Technology
The hardened aerospace Digi-cut aluminum main gear boasts a Rockwell Hardness of 82, making it 15% stronger than zinc-alloy gears. It is meticulously machined to exacting tolerances.
One-piece Bail
KastKing built a forged seamless, rust-free aluminum one-piece bail wire into saltwater water reel, while will never catch or hang up thin line while casting. With KastKing's one-piece bail, anglers can cast confidently, free from concerns about line interference.
Patented Spool Lip
The patented spool lip increases casting distance and improves line control, making KastKing spinning reel perfect for any fishing conditions. Whether you're pursuing elusive bass nestled in freshwater lakes or engaging in fierce battles with formidable saltwater species.
Nippon Miniature Bearing (NMB) Spool Bearings
These ultra-smooth Nippon Miniature Bearing (NMB) spool bearings enable the longest casts with the lightest lures, while also minimizing noise and resisting corrosion, making them ideal for versatile fishing in various water conditions.