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5 Best Spinning Reel Under $100

by Mendel Yano 17 Aug 2022

When looking for a new spinning reel there is really no reason to look much further than what KastKing has to offer. I know many would say I am biased since I love the company so much but to me, there just isn’t much more that a manufacturer could pack into a reel that KastKing does not have for you. Even better, the prices of the reels fit a huge segment of the fishing population’s budget. I have a simple concept when discussing this topic, what are the best spinning reels under $100? To answer that you have to really think about what kinds of fishing you will be doing to find the best reel suited for you.

Consider my go to saltwater spinning reel. I have long considered the infamous Megatron to be one of my absolute favorites. When you need a strong frame to support a giant spool of line it’s the perfect reel for you. Priced between $53.99 all the way to $61.99 for the big boy 6000 size you can long bomb 3+oz into the far surf and pull in medium size sharks with this reel. If you are looking for some giant catfish at some depth the Megatron is the workhorse for you.

Megatron Reel

Best fishing reel

Just for humor I will go from my beast size pick of a reel all the way to the super tiny Royale Legend II Ice Fishing Reel. I know the reel is designed with the angler in mind with a long frame foot stem to accommodate an angler with gloves on but I have never used these tiny 500 series reels in the ice. I bought my first one about a year ago to use with trout in shallow park ponds and for bluegill fishing and I have never looked back. At a price point of only $23.99 I am considering buying a few more just so that we can get the maximum number of rods in the water. Plenty of drag to bring in some fatties, these reels are small but crazy strong.

Royale Legend II Ice Fishing Reel

Best ice spinning fishing reel

About two months ago I was looking for a light weight reel that had enough drag for pulling in catfish up to about 10 lbs. I was looking for something durable of course but wanted it light weight for my float tube in fresh water. Weight was important because I would be holding the reel for a long period or time while fishing with little opportunity to put it in a stand or holder. I ended up with my third pick for this list, the Kastking black Zephyr. Coming in at only $41.99 I ended up with the standard 2000 size and absolutely love it. To keep the weight down a bit I put 30lbs 8 strand Finesse line on it and use it with a bit of fluorocarbon line to keep some of the top water bite on if needed. If I am using it for bottom catfish type fishing, fluoro is not needed but you can just tie on some mono to give your line a bit of shock absorbency. As in all of the Kastking reels it is ultra smooth and are solid built.

Kastking black Zephyr

Best spinning reel under $100

Speaking of something build solid, how’s about a warrior of a reel? (Sorry, I had to do it) My second favorite reel that anyone who follows me or watches my videos knows is the KastKing Spartacus Ⅱ. What I love most about the Spartacus is the way that the reel fits in my hand is just so comfortable and balanced. Paired with the KastKing Perigee II, I have commented how these two pieces just fit so well together on so many of my videos and posts. The reel provides the perfect balance to the lightweight rod not just in weight but in other aspects as well. The drag power of the Spartacus Ⅱ compliments the backbone of the rod so well that the two feel like they were made for one another. I mentioned the reel being smooth, with 7+1 double shielded bearings coming in at only $43.99, I feel the Spartacus is the pinnacle of the current Kastking line for a standard, fresh water spinning reel. Just recently it was released in a dark, camo like matte green that looks amazing, but I gotta say that if we are going for looks, I far prefer the silver – purple – black original color scheme.

Spartacus Ⅱ

Best spinning reels under $100

So, if I just exposed the pinnacle of the standard line of spinning reels how can I have the final selection? In my opinion, the number one spinning reel I have chosen is the best spinning reel on the market. A reel that I have used in nearly all of my saltwater float tubing, surf and harbor fishing videos. Anyone that knows me knows I am an avid Sharky III spinning reel lover and have been for years. I am quite sure that everyone knows that saltwater fishing can absolutely destroy reels. The corrosion gets into the internals of a reel and just degrades the metal and produces friction which continues to erode the gears and drags. What I love about the Sharky III is that it has a water resistant sealed body called the K.I.S.S (Kastking Intrusion Shield System) which has never let me down. I have dunked my reel in the saltwater five times, I have dropped it in sand too many times to count while surf fishing and it has always remained smooth as the day I bought it. I have posted so many times where my reel was in the sand and people can’t help but comment on how I am going to ruin my reel and sure, maybe someday it might but with the five plus years I have fished with them I have never been let down or been forced to take it apart, I have never greased or oiled it, just never had a need to. I don’t believe there is a better reel on the market with over 30lbs of drag, KISS body and 10+1 saltwater rated double shielded bearings for about $60?

Sharky III

Spinning fishing reel

I hope this little guide of KastKing reels has helped you with some ideas and maybe provided you some direction on what reels I favor of the KastKing line. Feel free to let me know they work out for you by dropping by my channel. Tight lines all!

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