Do I Need Permission To Use The Kastking Logo?

Tom Gahan |

Do I Need Permission To Use The Kastking Logo?

Tom Gahan |

Can I create my own fishing jersey with the KastKing logo on it?


There are many anglers who want to use the KastKing logo. There are rules about using the KastKing logo that you should know. The KastKing logo is a registered trademark of KastKing, a division of Eposeidon Outdoor Adventures, Inc. Sometimes that is also referred to as copyrighted. The KastKing name and its logo are protected by law and registered with the USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office).

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You may be wondering, “Then how can I use the KastKing logo?” With permission you can use the logo for non-commercial purposes. That means you cannot create items, including apparel for resale, with the KastKing name or logo on them. If you want a jersey with the KastKing name and logo, KastKing already offers those on the website, www.kastking.com.

Okay, so you want a personalized fishing jersey with your name on it along with KastKing and maybe some of your other sponsors. That’s possible. You do need to have permission in writing from the KastKing Marketing Department, (email service@kastking.com)  but there are a few things you have to consider.

As we mentioned, KastKing and the KastKing logo are registered trademarks, you are a lot more likely to be granted permission to use the KastKing logo by submitting a draft picture of your completed fishing jersey. Most companies that do custom jersey work provide this service. Along with your request for permission you should include exactly where and how the logo will be used. That will speed up the permission process. You can also use the KastKing logo in boat wraps, carpet decals, and such, as long as you ask about that in your email and you get a response.

There are some things to be aware of that may reject your request. KastKing does not support profanity, hateful language, racism, or discrimination. Be sure that there’s nothing like that on your jersey or boat wrap and you should be okay.

You may want to create the KastKing logo in other colors. That’s okay as long as you maintain the dimensions (height and width ratio) and don’t have the logo distorted. It has to have the same shape as the actual official KastKing logo.

Although these may seem like a lot of silly rules, KastKing simply does it to protect the reputation of the brand. KastKing would like to see anglers everywhere displaying the KastKing logo! For convenience, KastKing does have logo decals available on the website, or contact KastKing Customer Service Department.

For a more information about KastKing, please refer to our other articles about KastKing: How Long Has KastKing Been In Business, Where Are KastKing Products Made, How Many Employees Does KastKing Have, Who Owns KastKing, and Where is KastKing Located. We hope this article answered your questions about Do I need permission to use the KastKing logo? And Can I create my own fishing jersey with the KastKing logo on it?

By Tom Gahan/ CMO KastKing 


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