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Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

How To

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

How To Tie Fishing Knots You Must Know!

there are tons of them out there – Alberto knot, improved clinch knot, Trilene knot and many more fishing knots. Whether you are tying fishing knots using any of the KastKing series of braided fishing line, monofilament fishing line or fluorocarbon fishing lines, the main ingredient is how well you tie the fishing knot.  I believe, and I base this on over 50 years of angling, you need to know four knots, and know them well. If you learn these four knots, you will be well on your way to successful angling, without the fear of knot failure.   If you know...

What Is Fishing Line Twist And How To Eliminate It

Have you ever made a cast with fishing line and as the line was heading out you heard this obnoxious sound like an animal running through reeds at the beach going through your guide? Then when your lure stopped 10 feet out and the fishing line was all knotted at the guides you finally realized what it was! It is fishing line twist, and it comes from a variety of reasons. Line twist happens particularly in monofilament fishing line, fluorocarbon fishing line or copolymer fishing line.   What Is Line Twist?  This photo illustrates just how twisted fishing line can get....

Saltwater Fishing Tackle Maintenance and Cleaning - Splish Splash Give It A Bath

Rinse all of your fishing gear with fresh water. That means fishing reels, fishing rods, terminal tackle, lures, and anything else that came in contact with saltwater. As we learned, even if not immersed, salt spray can be nasty. 

How To Make A Fizzer Bait

It's this small, but inconsistent, bubbling action that drives the bass crazy. So, next time you're on the water and bites are coming at you far and few between, give the Fizzer bait a try.

Do I Have To Clean My Fishing Reels After Using Them In Saltwater

Do I have to clean my fishing reel after using it for saltwater fishing was the most searched phrase on Google for 2020. Just kidding, but now that we have your attention…  Anytime I have ever been saltwater fishing, in any amount of salinity from brackish water to hyper saline environments, my fishing reel and fishing rod cleaning routine is the same. Cleaning is not something I take lightly when it comes to saltwater gear. In fact I am one of those persons who always reminds you to “rinse your gear off… clean and lube it with something like REM...